Wednesday, August 31, 2005

“I’ll just apply to know what the process is like…”

July 2005-Hanover County Public School called today. Thing is, Gary was being home schooled and South East Delco School district is our school district of record. Turns out Hanover County Public School District is in Ashland, Virginia. Apparently Thomas applied online for a teaching job, though he was not finished getting his teaching degree.
They, the school board, wanted to interview Tom the next day. So Tom heads down to Virginia. It’s a four hour ride there. It was a four hour interview. He had to travel to three different high school and interview with 3 different principals and the school board officials. Then he got to drive home four hours, and get up and take care of the children again. Luckily school had ended for this semester.
Well, don’t you know it turns our that 4 of the 6 classes he took the previous semester he directly needed to get this job. One class was personally enriching and faith building and we have yet to discover the relevance of the other class. I am sure the Lord will reveal that in due time.
They called to offer Tom a job in Virginia. We accepted.
Looks like we will be moving…

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