Monday, January 1, 2007

2007 & 2008 under construction...kinda a blur

Christmas of 2007 we tried to be clever!

Spring Break of 2008 we were in Lehigh Acres Florida visiting Mom & Dad Riley.

2007 we spent July 4th in Pennsylvania, as usual.

We had to yank a tooth in 2007. We let the long string hang as Zach walked around the house then when he was not expecting it we grabbed the string and the tooth came out.

In 2007 Anna was chosen as a Cougar with Character.

Then in 2008 Zach was chosen for the same honor.

And at some point in 2008 I played guitar hero at a party.

I have pictures and still need to organize them, and learn how to edit this program... going back I have newsletter that I sent for 2005-2006 out to friends and family so that was realitively easy to convert over. Please be patient... I am trying to be better in 2009...and I am a work in progress.