Saturday, June 10, 2006


January 2006: Wrestling Season Winding Down. Trish was looking for a part-time job and Interviewed with Blockbuster. Pampered Chef shows starting up again. Hugh and Joanne (Trish’s Parents) went away for their Anniversary to Las Vegas.
February-Trish started working at Blockbuster Video in Mechanicsville which is just down the street from the house. There is a nice crew and Trish enjoys the work and the people there.
Trish read “Natural Cures” by Kevin Trudeau, and has made changes to move the family towards a more natural and Organic diet.
Anna got her ears pierced early, as a birthday present. She had six weeks wearing the piercing studs before she could change her earrings on her birthday in March.
We had a Hand & Foot Tournament Weekend with Liz, Cheryl, Maria, Hugh & Joanne to celebrate Joanne’s Birthday on February 15th..
March– We celebrated Tom and Anna’s Birthdays with a house full of guests and a small carnival in the yard. Though it was windy there was some out door enjoyment of Horseshoes, bean bag toss, a Moon bounce and a quick game of Bocce Ball, renamed Boccer for Joanne who kicked the “jack”.
In the week following Anna’s party we made kites found in our latest issue of Family Fun Magazine and attempted to fly them in the yard with some success but finally headed to the local park for a more triumphant take off.
April-Gary got his braces off, and his teeth look great. We spent Spring Break in the mountains with our friends the Sickingers and Easter weekend with our family and friends in PA.
May-Trish baby-sat for a lady from church for a while. Trish received positive feedback from the store manager and was asked if interested in a possible promotion & raise to Shift Leader in coming month. We visited TLB Dinner Theater (Three Little Baker’s in DE) with the DePaol’s and Riley’s. Tom finished up school and looked forward to summer break.
We tried a new White Chicken Chili Recipe from a friend at Church, Rhonda Majzer, and loved it. It was an award winner at the Ward’s Chili Cook-Off.
We traveled to PA for Memorial Day and
Anna was in the parade as the Poppy Queen. We also celebrated Gary and Zach’s birthday one last time at the Riley’s before they headed for Florida.
June-Anna learned to ride a two wheeler and has stopped the jack-knife technique for turning. The family traveled to Cape May for the day to visit with the other Riley Clan. Anna and Gary enjoyed the water, but Zachary liked the sand better. Trish really enjoyed when her niece Kayla threw sand down some lady’s bathing suit. She & Tom were laughing for quite sometime. The thought of it still makes her chuckle.
Gary spent a week at Boy Scout Camp working the C.O.P.E. Program which was a leadership/teamwork building program.