Thursday, September 1, 2005

"Which one do you like?"

Wow...what’s that buzzing noise whizzing past my ears? Oh, that’s just a year in my life zooming by.
Ok, so I am at work at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Public safety typing up Police Reports. I get a call from Thomas, who is in Virginia LOOKING for a place for us to live when we get there.
He says something to the effect, “I bought a house”. Now after I picked my jaw up out of my lap I asked some questions.
Such a sweet companion I have, Tom takes a load of high resolution pictures and runs to CVS to get the pictures put on a disk, so that my Realtor in Virginia can email them to me.

"Which one do you like?" Apparently, from all the houses in Virginia I only get to choose between two! I look them over for a few minutes and he calls me back and says, “Do we put a bid in on it?” *Big Sigh* We do.
Come to find our bid was not the only one, there were two others.
Keep in mind, this is our second house we have put a bid in on. We lost the other bid for some reason, though it was a full priced offer.
So our bid on the pictured house allowed the seller to live in our house a full 5 days after we closed on it rent free. Hoping that would entice them to accept our offer. I was upset about the clause but, Wow, it did. We closed on the house on August 31, 2005 and we moved in September 10th for good.. We sold our house in PA on September 27th.
Once again, the Lord blessed us and sent us the Perfect Realtor, Al Robertson . He knew the market and found the house he didn’t think existed. He did his research about the seller and our “5 days” fit their personal NEEDS.
We love our new house, we love our new yard, we love the area. A Little country & A Little City.

I have to love the ladies of my Church. The Relief Society can mobilize better and faster than any Government organization. Did I mentioned we moved in a Month?
When I mentioned we were going to move and needed help cleaning up the house there they were, The Philly 1st Ward Relief Society. They helped me purge and pack seven years of accumulated junk. This was a full week of 3 ladies rotating in and out to help me clean and pack after work.
Then we needed to get everything in to the 16 ft truck that we rented with the help of our good friend got us a good deal. When we finished packing the truck we still had a full basement and various oddments that still needed to get to Virginia.
So off we went, heading to Virginia to our new house. Where we were met by the Men of the Chickahomny Ward to unpack our truck. Thomas departed bright and early Sunday morning to get the rest of our CRAP!
Wonderful brothers from both wards helped to make Thomas’ second trip less painful.
In Philly, he was met by and upon Thomas’s return to Virginia, Mike Brady was here to help unpack the truck into the garage in the dark and rain.
Please keep these generous brothers in your prayers in the months to come.

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