Tuesday, August 30, 2005

2005 Birthday Highlights

Much of this year has passed in a blur with work and school and just trying to get by.
Thomas celebrated his 31st Birthday (March 19th) in conjunction with Anna celebrating her 5th birthday (March 22nd) in Strawberry Shortcake Fashion, with her favorite thing being “the balloons and all her family and friends.”
We get a little reprieve in the month of April (no Apryl , Tom’s sister, was born in June. *Wink*)
May brought Gary’s 14th birthday (May 8th) to which he spent the day playing Paintball with Uncle John D. and a sleepover with some friends.
They stayed up until the wee hours in the morning eating crap and playing video games.
Zachary’s 3rd birthday (May 29th) brought him a Spiderman Party with a Thomas the Tank train, for which Thomas, his father and budding carpenter, built a wonderful train table. All the boys have had hours of fun at this table.
Trish celebrated her 5th Annual 29th Birthday (August 17th) anticipating a life altering experience… read more in the next story...

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