Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Automatic Dishwashing Powder & Gel Solutions

The internet has so many DIY options at our fingertips. I have been trying to find a solution to purchasing high priced products in stores and love that DIY is a viable option.
I have been having trouble finding an automatic dishwashing powder or gel that would take care of business...really take care of business.  After trying different options and combinations I finally found something that is easy, cheap and working well and gets the cloudy film off my dishes. Or I should say dosen't put a cloudy film on my dishes. 
I did a test to see if this was a real solution. I put 2 "old batch" dishwashing powder hazy glasses in the dishwasher with 2 sparkling clean, washed by hand glasses, in the dishwasher and ran the cycle. The clean dishes stayed clean and the hazy dishes stayed hazy. So this formula will not take off the old haze if you have that problem, but it won't put it back on either. You may have to break down and wash those glasses by hand like I did.
Let me start by saying...
I love DAWN. I trust Dawn. I don't wash any dishes by hand without Dawn.
I also love vinegar! It can fight colds, kill germs when cleaning, make a volcano erupt, dye Easter eggs the results go on and on, and its natural...
I love baking can brush your teeth, scrub your sink, and get the stink out of a fridge and its natural.
I love can clean so many things and its natural.
So my solution for my dishes was this...
In a pump container mix equal parts Dawn and vinegar. It cleans so many things wonderfully!
In a seperate shaker container mix equal parts baking soda and borax.
Put 2-3 pumps in each cup. (pre and regular wash cups)
Then shake some powder in the bottom of the dishwasher. Start the cycle.
When they combine in the dishwasher they make a chemical reaction (volcano erupts) and scrubs my dishes and GLASSES clean.
I hope this helps! Thanks.

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