Saturday, December 31, 2005

Thomas Zachary Riley a.k.a Zach Attack or Zachy Tacky Too

Zachary has had one heck of a year complete with some staples in his head. When he was jumping on our futon, daddy told him to stop or he would get hurt. So he flopped to lay down and hit his head on the arm of the futon. (Pictured)
He also had to purge through his toys for our move. He very generously let other people have some of his toys to play with, with the exception of a loved duck that got a second chance. He snatched it away at the swap meet and insisted it was his. It took him a little while to learn to say was coming out Ah-ginia, but he could say Pennsylvania very clearly.
Zach’s parents established that he’s a little off… since he can be found climbing and jumping off of things with no fear. Of all the children, he’s got the best sense of humor. He can see the humor in many things that other people might miss. He is very bright, sneaky and very charming.
His mother is teaching him to give her compliments, like “You’re pretty mommy.” He has figured out the timing as well, when he’s in trouble he’s sure to give out the kisses and compliments.
Zach love waffles, broccoli, butterfly shrimp, and all candy, a toy called snaky and anything Spiderman.

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