Saturday, December 31, 2005

Anna Elizabeth Riley a.k.a Princess Buttercup or Banana Bear

As most may know, Anna remembers each of her birthdays and the age she was by their theme’s. Its no surprise that her 5th Strawberry Shortcake birthday was a raving success. Lots of guests noticed her love of a theme and complimented her by supplying her with tons of Strawberry Shortcake Merchandise.
Anna is an unusual child in the fact that when she gets clothes as a gift, she is very happy. Where most kids would be disappointed and throw the clothes to the side, she has a tendency to model her new attire for everyone.
Our daughter was quite disappointed to find that we would be moving. She was excited about the house and her new room and the size of the yard. Leaving her friend, Rachel, behind was the hardest for her. Luckily, Rachel and Anna get to talk on the phone and play together when we visit Trish’s parents.
Anna & Zach made fast friends with our next door neighbors. Our yards are connected so they don’t have to cross a street to knock for Olivia. Alexia is Olivia’s little sister who is 2.
The three of them can frequently be found climbing a dogwood in the front yard, or playing on Olivia’s swing set or playing in the play house or tree swing out back.
Anna loves her Hello Kitty Room, and will eat almost anything but green beans. She loves to scribble in her journal and is learning her letter sounds quite well.

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