Friday, December 1, 2006

2006 Continued

July-The family traveled to PA for July 4th festivities and visiting friends. Trish & Tom took part in the Sharon Hill 2.2 Mile Fun Run. These last two words are an oxymoron. Trish nearly died. There was SOME running, but it was not fun. Trish and Tom had a finishing place of dead last and a time of 29:45 for 2.2 miles. Tom said he was proud of Trish for finishing, but she knew that it was a real blow to his ego to finish last. Those who finished first in the race commented that it spoke to his character. Trish agrees.
We once again saw the Sound of Music at the dinner theater, 3LB.
Gary was trekking the globe with the Youth in our Ward to the Hill Cumorha Pageant in NY. He commented that the bus trip was way too long, but he had the opportunity to visit some Religious Historical Sites and travel with other teenagers from Church.
Trish was promoted to Shift Leader/Manager on Duty at Blockbuster Video, Inc. with a 15% raise. They seem to like her OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) ways.
August-Gary traveled to PA via train to visit with Mom-mom and Pop-pop McBreen where he was promptly spoiled rotten for two weeks, as good grandparents always do. Gary really enjoyed his time with them and looks forward to next summer in hopes of experiencing the same freedom once again. Gary returned home by way of the McBreen Express just in time for Trish’s Birthday Gala. This was not an Extravaganza, due to the absence of her sister Liz who was vacationing at Disney. However, the Gala event was very enjoyable. It was a low key weekend with dear family and friends in attendance. Trish and Tom played a rousing round of darts with “the Fathers” (Buck & Mike). Where it was discovered that Thomas really could be a good “closer”, and Tom had the honor of carrying the team (his father) to victory.
Trish was lavished with two family gifts from Grammy (Ruthann) in the form of rocking chairs. Our bellies were full and sated from a delicious dinner prepared by Cheryl & Joe of roasted pork tenderloin and Mom-Mom (Joanne) tickled our taste buds with a lovely and tasty dessert of Strawberry Amaretto Torte.
Ruthann joined the ranks of the prestigious Hand and Foot Tournament of Players. The local eating establishments of IHOP and Cracker Barrel found that the Riley & McBreen Families don’t play when it comes to breakfast. They met our seating challenges (12 in a party) head on by placing us at various tables near each other.
Happily, we were honored with the presence Tom’s brother, Jim and wife Beth and their children Jamie & Kayla, as they stopped in to visit on their road trip home to PA from their two week vacation in Disney. This turned out to be the perfect setting to have the official Pepperidge Farm Birthday Cake ablaze with candles in honor of Trish’s birth.

September– Thomas changed schools this year. He started teaching at Gary’s School, Lee-Davis High School. Thomas also accepted the Head Wrestling Coach position. He is looking forward to a exciting season. Gary is a Sophomore this year.
Anna started First Grade at Cold Harbor Elementary School. She also attended a new dance class at the Local Parks and Recreation Center. She took Ballet & Tap. Class runs through December 15th.
Mike and Ruthann Riley’s visit on way to Florida and decide to stay a little longer, which made the whole family happy.
October-As Lemony’s Snicket fans we happily welcomed the newest edition of his book, of A Series of Unfortunate Events, #13 The End, the final book.
Trish worked on Halloween and dressed in her usual Harry Potter Movie Themed attire as Prof. McGonagall and gave out candy at work. Zach was Spiderman again and Anna was a ballerina. As usual they got tons of candy. Gary did not dress up.
Gary attended Lee-Davis’ Home coming dance with a friend of his named Brett.
November–The family traveled to PA for Thanksgiving with the McBreen’s & Trish’s sister Liz’s 30th Birthday Party. Liz was getting a little cranky in the months prior to her birthday, because in August she commanded that Me, my Mom and our friend Cheryl had to throw her a surprise birthday party. The secret was well kept she was getting irritated because she thought we forgot or were not giving her a party. Needless to say she was very shocked and surprised when the plan finally came together.
December was filled with preparing for the Holidays with shopping and baking. Anna had a dance recital on Dec. 15th and the Lee-Davis Holiday Classic was hosted by Tom’s Wrestling Team. Tom worked very hard and tended to every detail for the 15th & 16th to be a great success. Trish is still working hard for Blockbuster and trying her hand at writing. The kids have enjoyed watching the traditional Rudolph, Frosty and Santa movies this holiday season. We introduced Zach to Home Alone and he loves it. Our family will be staying at Home for the Holidays and expecting Trish’s parents just after Christmas. This is our first quiet Christmas alone in eight years.

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