Sunday, March 15, 2009

2009 New Additions

We are currently awaiting our new additions to our family. We are getting 2 lab/sheppard mix puppies from a friend who had a litter of 8. We are so excited to have our puppies join us on April 2, 2009. They are probably 4-5 weeks old in this picture. These two are being called "the buddies" by the owner because they are always together.
The reason we are getting two is because Trish can't bare to seperate them from their mother and their sister and only take one. So she rationalizes that two is better than one, that they won't be lonley, and will still feel like part of the pack with their sister along for the ride. Picking out names is going to be the hard part along with the waiting. oh...I wonder...what kind of forboding is there since these adorable little girls were born on Friday the 13th. **whaaaaa** crazy spooky laugh**

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